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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  August 30, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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and that's... ingredients for life. safeway. 9news w noinb@ hd is brough to you by verizon fios. this is 9news now. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." >> i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joining us this sunday night. a university of maryland student is alive but injured after falling four stories in the parking garage. britney moorehouse is reporting from college park where students can't believe he survived. >> reporter: this is the view looking out a window and down from the 4th floor inside the business school garage. students say it is hard to imagine someone survived a fall from that level. >> are you joking? >> are you kidding. >> reporter: just as difficult to believe how the 20-year-old who fell at 2:00 a.m. in the morning managed to slip
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out a window. >> it looks like they have orange things on the windows. so i feel you would have to be really drunk or -- >> reporter: that's a possibility. while a university police spokesman can't serve whether alcohol was detected the campus newspaper claims several witnesses claim the witness was drunk on a weekend before classes have even started many here say there is lots of partying. >> definitely. >> maryland is kind of a big party school. you don't expect something of this big magnitude to happen. >> reporter: now that people are hearing about it they are beginning to draw their own conclusions. >> i think it is crazy. i heard of people getting wasted and doug off a curb or something but it kind of sucks that he had friends that let him wander alone or let him get too close to the edge. >> reporter: at this point there are very few answers and an ongoing investigation. britney moorehouse, 9news now
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and >> that undergrad student is currently at prince george's hospital. the search is on in montgomery tonight for a hit and run driver thatstru ckan d o ritwst the women s.rewethn ie were in at the intersection of lacy and capital view. it happened at 10. police are looking for a black toyota or suv or black pickup truck. the grill fell off and was found at the scene. >> the 22-year-old was dragged over 100 feet then run over by the vehicle. >> i just heard a loud bang and i didn't come out right away by the time i came out the one lady was in the middle of the street and the other lady was up against the 25-mile speed limit sign. >> tonight the two hit-and-run victims remaining hospitalized one in intensive care. anyone with information about this case should contact the montgomery police. a maryland community mourning agtea eren ossf tea
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ll byedki en killed by a suspected drunk driver. the 16-year-old boy died saturday afternoon. the teen was riding his bike on route 108 when he was struck by a nissan altima. the driv of ofthe car is charged with causing a life threatening injury while driving under the influence. >> police believe the suspect had consumed alcohol prior to driving. it is not known whether he had drugs in his system. >> each time i drive over to my house i still shake my head in disbelief, this can't be. one of the neighbors is somebody here and they were walking out of their house three different times to walk up to help out but they are . it is hard to imagine. >> the 26-year-old man is free on bond. court records show he has a prior drug related arrest.
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steady stream of mourners paying respect to senator edward kennedy at arlington cemetery. the family didn't leave until after 9:00 p.m. after the late senator was buried beside his two brothers. surae chinn with more on the story. >> reporter: media and public had strict access. we were allowed to take pictures for a few minutes before we all had to leave but it was the first chance for nonfamily members to get a glimpse of kennedy's plot. a simple white cross and white marble foot marker bearing his name marks ted kennedy's final resting place close to where his two brothers are buried. >> it is something special. i have been here to see john and robert. sadly ted. but he will rest in peace. >> reporter: in contrast to yesterday's procession and celebration of kennedy's life
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today at his grave site was a smaller crowd that reflected in a quiet manner. >> i think about vietnam war and the brothers and what the family gave and how we all need to be better. >> i watched it all yesterday that's why i didn't come. but it was a very sad time and a happy tomorrow, it was a home going for him because he is with his brothers now. >> reporter: folks have been mourning now since tuesday but some are still having trouble comprehending the scope of his life and what he means in death. >> i'm thankful for everything he has done and it is one of those things i haven't gone through the process. >> reporter: after a few moments. >> robert and teddy are close. >> reporter: the snap shots ended. the silence was broken. >> copy that. >> reporter: the peaceful moment interrupted as we were all whisked away and were told that vicky kennedy wanted to come and visit her late husband. his widow is also eligible to be buried there. kennedy is the 156th lawmaker
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to be buried at arlington national cemetery. i'm surae chinn. now back to you. >> the virginia candidates for governor were on the campaign trail this weekend. republican bob mcdonald was in northern virginia where he met with supporters in mclean and fairfax. democrat on the campaign trail as well. supporting economic policies of former president george w. bush. deeds has been trailing mcdonald in recent polls. police say 63-year-old clarence rankin was found near a side door of his residents short several times. police say a short time later two other men turned up in a hospital suffering from gunshot wounds. there may be a connection. >> police were notified of two other subjects. a 35-year-old man and a 44-year-
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old man in a nearby hospital. their relations to this event remains under investigation. what we have learned is that in the early morning hours there were an undetermined number of people at this residence. the 63-year-old man went to the side yard and became a victim of a shooting that is still under investigation. >> police say a handgun was recovered at the scene where rankin was found. an eighth victim of that sleighing at a mobile home park in georgia has died and police say they haven't ruled out the man that reported the suspect as a suspect. he now faces charges of lying to police and tampering with evidence. now the latest on that story. >> reporter: inside this small mobile home authorities are investigating the biggest mass murder they have ever seen. eight people dead and another person critically injured. this woman has lived nearby all her life and for the first time ever she doesn't stay safe. >> i lock my doors now.
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i try and stay in. i lock my car if i'm the only one in the car and stuff lirk that. >> reporter: she and her neighbors are hoping they find the people responsible. police have yet to release critical details of the grizzly crime. >> i'm certain how it happened. now the question is who is responsible. police have arrested 22-year- old guy heinz jr. he made the 911 call alerting them to the massacre. so far police have charged him with illegal possession of prescription drugs and marijuana, tampering with evidence and they are warning the community to stay vigilent. >> be aware. be alert. don't think everything is okay because right now it is not. >> reporter: police say it will take two more days to complete all autopsies and investigators
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are still gathering physical evidence from the crime screen. cbs news, new york. >> turning elsewhere. one person killed five other injuries when a van left the road and slammed into a house. authorities say five members of that family were hit inside the home in atlanta, georgia. the father died, his wife was trapped after the collision. >> it was a dream. i seen the vehicle coming and i thought, what is going on? the car went up the driveway crashing through a porch and it appeared to go into a living room or den. >> police say the driver will now likely face vehicular homicide charges. neighbors say speed was a factor in this case but there are also problems with the road. an accident had happened in the area before. 9-year-old indiana boy was arrested after stealing his parents vehicles. the boy could be swerving on a
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highway. his speed approaching 80 miles an hour at times. >> this wonk -- this young man was upset because his parents told him to come in and he was upset. so he was mad and took off. >> four law enforcement agencies helped in the chase covering 10 to 15 titles. they used stripes to finally stop the car. the boy said he stole the keys out of his mother's purse because he had to come in for the night. space shuttle discovery is now docked with the international space station. the docking was a bit difficult for the shuttle seven astronauts. the shuttle is delivering equipment and supplies to tothe space station. threpeople were rescued from a boat on the potomac rir today near the naval research laboratory. r st afr 5 5 someone radioed so helpngsia marine band radio. the coastguard along with rescue crews rifr pome ngnc george's county and exaldr
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aal responded to the call and found people on board an 18- foot pleasure board. all three were taken to safety. a rescue in the gulf of mexico brought three texas men home to their families. saturday night a boater spotted the men clinging to their capsized vessel. the boat tipped over last friday night and the fishermen survived for more than a week living on crackers and gum. >> i don't even know how to begin to explain any of this because it is something you only see in the movies. you don't live it. and i don't even know how to explain it. we got the call he was missing in the gulf. we live in dallas. we thought that by the time we got here that he would be coming ashore. >> the whole thing is a huge testimony to the power of prayer all over the world and we witnessed it and without that we wouldn't be here today i don't think.
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>> u.s. coastguard conducted a massive week-long search for the men who put up distress flags. still ahead on 9news now this sunday night. thousands of homes added to those already threatened by fires in california. we will take you there when dozens of performers perform. we will show you that when we come back. you're watching newestness. w?w;w?
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in california investigators are now searching the property next door to where a kidnapped girl was held captive for 18 years. investigators are looking for
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evidence next door. the two are already in jail charged with kidnapping 11-year- old jaycee lee dugan. she and her children were held captive in the backyard. authorities were alerted by suspicious neighbors but left without investigating. she was reunited with her family. the wildfires burning in mountains above los angeles are not letting up. flames surge overnight forcing more evacuations and threatening some 10,000 new homes. only 5% of the blaze is now contained. more now from los angeles with the latest. >> reporter: never have officials seen a fire grow so quickly without the help of santa ana winds. helicopter pilot larry welk knows those winds well and how california fires look from above but this time his feet are on the ground and fire is
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threatening his home. >> of course i'm nervous. >> reporter: officials evacuated nearly 7000 homes in the los angeles area. location of the largest of eight massive fires now burning in california. they are fueled by extreme temperatures, low humidity and thick dry brush. some of it 20 feet tall because it hasn't been burned in 60 years. strangely, though, there is very little wind keeping smoke plumes parked directly above the flames making it difficult for helps and planes to hit their target. >> it is a treacherous fire and we need to be on our toes collectively. >> reporter: the mantra for fire officials is public safety first and they hammered it home why people should evacuate quickly if needed. >> again, people did not listen and three people got burned and really badly injured because they did not listen. >> reporter: hundreds of firefighters are pushing back
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flames in neighborhoods and backyards. three homes didn't make it and there are likely more destroyed inside the forest. the threatened too the transmission fires, the nerve center for all communication in and out of los angeles. cbs news, los angeles. more news tonight, starting tuesday most of those recorded telemarketer cars calls could be stopped from coming into your home. they have been banned unless the recipient gives written permission to get them. telemarketers who don't heed the ban face up to a $16,000 fine per call. there are exceptions to this ban, though. they include surveys, banks, utilities, debt collectors and charitable organizations. the daughter of former president george bush is taking to the air waves. she has been hired as a correspondent for nbc's today
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show. the former first daughter will contribute ones a month on education. she will work out of the network's washington bureau. three-day music festival coming to a close. the fest featured dozens of live performances, street performers and even a bartending billionaire. richard branson showing off his bartending skills to raise money for charity. thousands of people were given free tickets to the music fest. rain free monday to start the week. topper shutt here with the foforecastre wwhene come back. a
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more and more reasons to fill up your cart, it's good for your wallet, your family, your heart. isn't it nice to know that you're shopping smart? more savings every time you shop, only with your giant card. newestness vice president joe biden received a special honor today inducted into the little league hall of fame.
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today he was honored in williamsburg, pennsylvania. good for him. >> nice. >> you want to talk about the fires in california. >> the district only covers 84,000 acres so 80% of the district on fire. that's huge. we actually have a touch of fall here. for the most part a very nice night. here is your forecast first. nice day. 76. more clouds south. showers should stay to our south. tuesday beautiful. sunny and 78. that's spectacular an even wednesday will be nice. partly cloudy. high temperatures around 80. so first few days will be below average for us. the weekend is flanking me and it is a big weekend, actually. labor day weekend coming up. left and right. we will do the forecast in detail. partly cloudy and much cooler.
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low temperatures 56 to 66. winds out of the north east at 10. live doppler 9000. been quiet except for one shower and we will take you down to southern maryland. in portions of calvert county primely in st. mary's county. everything pushing across the bay and that is about it. i think most kids will have a dry return to school tomorrow. all right, back to the computer. temps nice. most folks in the 60s already. fredericksburg 70. still pretty nice for late august. now tomorrow morning we will call it partly sunny. cool start. 50s and 60s. winds out of the north east at about 10. partly sunny and pleasant. more clouds to the south. high temperatures about 75 winds again north easterly at 10. winds not too much of a factor. a little system that will get up hung up just to our south and east tomorrow and that's why people have clouds around. in fact, look carefully, here is the satellite picture radar.
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moisture still in the southeast. frontal system will remain stationary just to our south and east. good news is it should be far enough to keep the showers into the carolinas and out to sea. maybe going into south eastern virginia. don't think it will get any closer than maybe the northern neck here. a few clouds back to the west. we are talking about a little mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. but dry and cool. temperatures about 10 degrees below average. that's a pretty good deal. zone forecast. all six zones on our website at if you haven't gone to check our power cast out. it is pretty cool. tomorrow 74 charlestown. 75 in chantilly. maybe 77 in stafford. as you get south of hughesville and charles county down to st. mary's county calvert county we will see more in the way of
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clouds. all in all not a bad day. next seven days. 76 tomorrow. partly sunny. upper 70s on tuesday. mostly sunny. probably the best day of the week then doesn't get too bad. low 80s wednesday, thursday, friday. partly cloudy skies. maybe a shower on saturday. but not bad. 83. then sunday partly cloudy with high temperatures of about 84. no one will call me any more. >> i will call you. >> good. lots of people enjoying a good food fight. take a look at this tom ato
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throwing event. the proceeds benefited the american cancer society. at coming at ok lo sports plus. sara is up next. b@ hey i'm worried about mrs. lowenberg next door.
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in tomorrow's washington examiner how local school districts are revamping their policies policies about kids missing classes. there is a complete story in the examiner. now sara walsh. >> this time next week we will be in college football season. i think that is exciting. the clock is ticking down on this preseason and while the veterans can't wait for it to be over the young guys are just hoping to extend their nfl life. tonight we are going to examine some of the guys on the bubble. brian mitchell will be in the house to debate the hot topic like colton versus chase. today jim zorn's team went back to work with a tough task at hand figuring out which 22 guys still have to be let go. >> everybody has an opportunity to make this football team and we are evaluating every day at practice, we are evaluating every one of these games and
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the significance of that is you can't play this game half of the time. >> in baseball the nats happy to leave st. louis after getting swept there by the cardinals. washington falling by one run in today's contest but that's not the only news. ronnie belliard traded and steven strassburg putting in his first workout as a pro. we will fill you in on all those details. golf, tiger was in the front at the barclays. we will tell you how steve morino finished. brett haber bringing us the good, bad and ugly. we will explain what on earth this woman is doing. on sports plus. >> we want to say goodbye to andrew smith who has been our floor director for a couple of years. best we have ever had. going to go work in television.
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>> nice job. >> maybe we can get a shot of andrew. >> i was watching a little bit of golf today. steve marino. >> you have a golf injury? >> i do. pulled a tendon. lots of kids going back to school tomorrow. here is the seven-day forecast. nice week. temperatures below average. low humidity. turn off the ac. will be in pretty good shape. >> next 9news now tomorrow morning at a.m. sports plus is next. bye, andrew. >> bye. ( sighs )
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